mercariBOT Free Trial

MercariBOT is a brand new, revolutionary software that will automatically re-list the products you sell on the Mercari platform.

What does re-listing do?

It keeps your listings fresh, and visible in the Mercari feed!
Whenever you open your Mercari app, your going to see the newest, most recently posted listings FIRST.
With MercariBOT, even if you’ve had an item for sale for a while, our software will re-list it, thus making it brand new, in Mercari’s eye’s anyway!

Now, that aged listing will be seen again and bumped up in the feed for the public to see!

This kind of method is critical when it comes to getting more sales.


With this 3-day FREE trial, try out our software!

If you don’t love it for any reason, there’s no obligation to pay!